Our Philosophy

We believe that humans are omnivores - meant to eat a diet that includes meat. But we also believe we are omnivores with a conscience and the moral responsibility to ensure that animals raised for our consumption live as natural a life and experience as painless a death as possible. With that principal in mind, we reject the current agricultural model of factory farmed chicken.

We promise you:

  • Good Stewardship - All our animals are raised compassionately and with a deep appreciation of the gift they give us. We never fed them anything we would be afraid to eat ourselves. By managing the pastures properly and rotating our chickens, we naturally fertilize and restore the earth.
  • Environmental Responsibility - We work with the seasons and the land. We recycle every part of the chicken but the feathers. The average bite of food in America today travels 1,500 miles to reach your plate but we minimize the fossil fuel imprint by only selling locally.
  • Absolute Honesty - We encourages farm visits by appointment. (Drop-in visitors will be handed a shovel and put to work!) Everyone needs to know how and where his or her food is raised. We have nothing to hide and no shocking secrets to conceal. Unlike the industrial 'organic' chains, our chickens really do live on grass in pens, not large confinement houses. This allows them to produce the essential omega three fatty acids we need in our diet. Come see for yourself.
  • Community Building - For the first time in history, America is importing more food than it exports. When you buy your food from a farm thousands of miles away, you have no personal relationship with the land or the farmer. An important part of community is lost. We try to source all our supplies locally and although we don't always succeed, we do 95% of our business with small businesses in the area. Our special grain mixture is grown and ground just 15 miles down the road which helps support another farmer in Lee County. (He's quite a character - Dennis is always good for a story or two or three.) When you support us, you help keep a rural community alive and kicking and we are thankful.

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