"REALLY GOOD CHICKEN" is sold at the Saturday morning Sunset Valley Market SFC Farmers Market.

Welcome to Dewberry Hills Farms

  • a family owned, pastured based farm located in Central Texas specializing in compassionately raised poultry.

  • healthy, affordable food is our passion; an alternative to factory farms and industrial organic grocery stores.

  • we provide a different way of raising food that works in harmony with the land, the seasons and the creatures in our care.

  • our business is sustainability and stewardship of the earth.

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A Week In The Life Of A Sustainable Chicken Farmer and Home on the Range

We currently produce:

  • The very best pastured raised chickens.

Tasty Happy Chicken Dinner
(see "Terry's Simple Roast Chicken" in Recipes)

Dewberry Hills Farms ++ 512-308-7706 ++ dhfchicken@gmail.com ++ Really Good Chicken.