What Our Customers Say

"I awoke this morning to all the dogs chanting:

You scream,
I scream,
We all scream,
For Chicken Feet"

We had our first chicken - roasted for Saturday dinner, then soup yesterday and today. Absolutely delicious! And thank you for the great tour of your farm and the time you spent with us last week.

I am in awe of what you are doing to help take the planet in a better direction, providing healthy, nutritious, locally raised food. So glad we found you through Bastrop Cattle and so eager to pass your name on to others.

We are smitten!


My husband is a chef and really demands high quality chicken. Your birds are the best we've ever eaten!

Nancy Bennett

I took a split (chicken) out of the freezer for dinner, my gawd, it was huge. Cut the leg and thigh off for another dinner as they are each a portion size, poached the breast and wing to make enchiladas, and used the stock for a green chili cream sauce over the top. It made enough for two dinners,. So the split made a total of 6 meals. Can't beat the price if you use it this way.

Thanks again Dewberry Hills Farm for really good chicken!!


Wow-more than I thought. You and Greg will have chickens for life.


A word about chickens - I pay a lot of attention to what I eat. I choose to be good to my body by eating delicious organic food that enhances my health and enjoyment, and I choose to be good to my soul by purchasing food that I know has been produced ethically and sustainably. Getting my chicken from Jane and Terry at Dewberry Hills Farms is the best way to care of both my body and my soul, short of buying my own farm!

Beverly Garland

I headed to my local Farmers Market in search of chicken that had a good life and died without suffering. I came across Dewberry Hills Farm table and purchased a chicken. When I brought it home, poor Lee......well, I'd paid $12 for a chicken! Twice the grocery store price.

"That had better be one tasty bird!" he said.

I pressed on. When I opened the packaging (vacuum packed-frozen) it was then that I knew things were going to be different. It didn't have that funky smell that grocery store chickens have. I cut it up and discovered it had been very well bled. Nothing puts me off chicken more quickly than a bloody drumstick. I chose to bake it with just salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

The moment of truth was just around the corner. Would it be a "tasty bird"? It tasted wonderful!! Lee described it as 'fresh'. The kids said it didn't taste 'chickeny' - like fish tastes fishy when it's not so fresh. I thought it was mild, and tender. I could gush on, but you get the picture.


I wanted to let you know how great Mr. Bobblehead (a chicken we raised to an extra large size for Irene) tasted. It was great! We had a friend over for dinner that had no family in the area, and he really was impressed. We had enough left over to make chickien enchiladas for a meal, and then some to make white chili too! Those were really good.


I attached a picture of the bird we roasted last night and I'm happy to report that it was THE tastiest chicken I've ever cooked. Moist, flavorful meat, crispy skin. And I was right, the four of us put quite a dent in the 5.5 pounds! We served it up with garden fresh mustard greens and a buttermilk Chess pie...just to die for!


Dewberry Hills Farms

Growing good food for good people.

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