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After experimenting with raising cattle, ducks, and turkeys, we have decided to use our land to do what we do best - raise really good chicken. That enables us to completely rotate our chicken pastures and focus on producing the happiest, healthiest birds. It also allows us to share our property with wild creatures and our horses.

We are certified by the state health department to process our birds right here on the farm and we are inspected annually. This ensures that our chickens are not caged and transported long distances to a processing plant and that they are always handled humanely and with compassion. Many of the problems with food contamination originate at the processing facility with unsanitary handling procedures. We are absolutely scrupulous about cleanliness.

It also allows us to completely control the quality of the birds that we sell. If we wouldn't eat it, we won't sell it. That's our promise to you.

Our chickens range from usually range from 3 to 6 pounds per bird. Let us know which size is best for your family. We also offer livers and hearts and feet for sale at the SFC Farmers' Market at Sunset Valley. As we often sell out early on Saturdays (What can I say, it is really good chicken!), please feel free to call or email in your requests by Friday and we will happily hold a chicken or two for you to pick up there. Let us know what size you are looking for so we can guarantee you get the chicken you want.

For current pricing please call (512-308-7706) or email (dhfchicken@gmail.com).

Tasty Happy Chicken Dinner (see "Terry's Simple Roast Chicken" in Recipes)

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